A good dissertation is a done dissertation, a great dissertation is a published dissertation, a perfect dissertation is neither.

Kristin Werner of The PhD Lab

While I did my PhD in Physical Chemistry, these wise words kept me from going insane. No PhD is easy and mine was no exception. While I was juggling literature research, experiments, paper writing, data analysis, making a good impression, and feeling bad about myself, I learned many valuable lessons about a life as a scientist. The most important one:
You need a good community.

The PhD Lab is meant to be such a community: A space where PhD candidates and PhDs share what they researched, what they f*cked up, and how they made it all work in the end.

No matter how lost you may feel, you are not alone in this. Let’s talk about the basics, the beauty, and the ugly truths of what it means to go through this challenging time that is a PhD.

Yours, Kristin The PhD